BF 157/17: ESPON ALPS 2050. Common spatial perspectives for the Alpine area. Towards a common vision

The alpine space is characterized by a great territorial diversity, ranging from specific morphological differences between the northern and southern, western and eastern alpine space to the diverse configuration of economic, ecological, social and institutional development in the seven alpine states. Despite the different conditions, the Alpine regions are part of the European and global development trends and in this context are particularly affected by climate change and demographic change. The present project aims at developing a common spatial vision as well as spatial perspectives for the entire Alpine Space. The focus is on a high quality of life for the inhabitants of the Alps, which should be based on a balanced development of the three dimensions environment, social and economy. Building on the activities of the Alpine Convention, the EU program Alpine Space and the 'Macro Regional Strategy' for the Alpine Space (EUSALP), the project aims to support the territorial cooperation and sustainable development of the Alpine Space and to develop a territorial planning model that involves the different actors at all levels.

The project was submitted in the framework of the ESPON EGTC "Call for Tenders for Targeted Analysis "Alps2050 - Common spatial perspectives intera Alpine area. Towards a common vision" and selected for implementation. It intends in particular to support the strategic development within the framework of the EU Macro-Regional Strategy for the Alpine Space (EUSALP).

The project builds on the wealth of spatial data for the Alpine Space and develops a common spatial vision and perspective(s) for the Alpine Space in close cooperation with regional stakeholders. For this purpose, in addition to the cartographic preparation of leading indicators of spatial development, two specific Delphi surveys were conducted with relevant stakeholders in the Alpine Space in spring and summer 2019. As the project has a processing period of only 12 months, the corresponding proposals will be prepared in November /December 2019. The aim of the recommendations of these results is to evaluate considerations on how a balanced development in the Alpine Space can look like and, on the other hand, to elaborate guidelines on how a common spatial vision can be applied to other contexts.

The project was worked on in December 2017 to December 2018 in close cooperation with (trans)national and regional stakeholders to discuss a common spatial vision and spatial perspectives for the whole Alpine Space. In 2019, the discussion of the final project report submitted in December 2019 took place with the managing authority for ESPON as well as the accompanying consulting team from the different Alpine countries. The project was finalized in 2019.

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